Fun weekend with #ΑΓΩ in Big Bear! First time skiing too! #America #USA

Here it is you guys! My third annual flash animation. Yes, it is a bad pun, but I though it was funny, so I animated it. 

I’m In!

Praise God! Well, He deserves to be praised even if I had not had gotten in, but I’m in! I had the worst interview of my life (so far), and I got in! I’m going to Washington D.C.!!! Thanks so much Edson and Hannah for your support! I would have commented back, but unfortunately after three years of using tumblr I still have not figured out how to respond to post comments. Haha Also, a special thanks to my brother Jason Kerr for pointing out that I was being way too humble on my resume. Oh the irony. Haha


I just got out of an interview and for the first time I do not feel like it went really well. I am very upset. It was for a program I have been wanting to be a part of since my first year in college, and now this is the last time I can apply to it. My application was solid, but I panicked during the interview. Me, super confident successful guy, panicked! If the nonsense I was saying didn’t give away my panic, my nervous tone sure did. I cannot believe it. I am now thinking of all of the better things I could have said, but now it’s too late. Tonight I’ll find out if I got in or not. I’m really sad you guys, someone come give me a hug.


Something about me is that I enjoy making films. I have a YouTube channel where I post all the videos that I make, including vlogs, short films, animations, school projects, covers, etc. Currently I’m working on three film projects:

  • Europe Vlogs: Which documented my travel studies in Europe last summer. All I have left is to make one last video about Germany, but somehow I’ve managed to spend a year without putting it together. 
  • Africa Vlogs: Which documented my mission trip in Ghana this summer. For this series I have three videos, out of which all three are ready to be uploaded, but I want to finish my Europe Vlogs before uploading these videos. 
  • Annual Animations: Which are exactly what they sound like, animations I make once a year. They are terrible though, I studied basic (what back then used to be Macromedia Flash) “animation” in high school, and I am not a very good artist, so the quality of these animations is poor at best. They are fun to make though. 

The annual flash project is the one that I am currently working on. Once I finish it I will share it with y’all. Heads up, it’s inspired by a pun about an olive waiting for a bus. 

A Glitch is a Glitch

One of the things I’ve been meaning to post for a while now is a response to my big’s glitch art. For those of you that are not in a fraternity or sorority, a “big” is like a mentor within the fraternity assigned to you while you’re pledging; and to that “big” you are a “little”. I loved getting a big and eventually a little, for you see, I’m an only child, so that was my first sibling-like experience. I love the brotherhood aspect of my fraternity in general though, but that’s a subject for a different post. My big is El Nachato and if you follow him, you’ll know he’s been getting into glitch art lately. So I just wanted to show him my take on it. Everyone else: Find your opinions, and tell them to me.

I’m Back!

Hey There Followers!

So I’m back in the States, I have been actually, for a couple of months now. I have just been busy leading my fraternity and taking care of my senior year at UCLA. However, as I have readjusted to the college life rhythm, and as I see some of my best friends actively post on tumblr, I have been inspired to blog again. As I had previously warned y’all, I’m making this blog more about myself and much less about reblogging popular posts, such as my last post. I apologize for that by the way, but I had to. For you see, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, and I just could not help myself. I had to respond to that absurd post with an absurd picture. Alright then, let the personal post begin, feel free to unfollow me, no hard feelings.

God bless,










i love how other planet’s moons have cool names and then here we just have moon


petition to rename the moon



this entire site is on drugs

Seriously no one is going to mention that the moon is named Luna?