I’m In!

Praise God! Well, He deserves to be praised even if I had not had gotten in, but I’m in! I had the worst interview of my life (so far), and I got in! I’m going to Washington D.C.!!! Thanks so much Edson and Hannah for your support! I would have commented back, but unfortunately after three years of using tumblr I still have not figured out how to respond to post comments. Haha Also, a special thanks to my brother Jason Kerr for pointing out that I was being way too humble on my resume. Oh the irony. Haha


I just got out of an interview and for the first time I do not feel like it went really well. I am very upset. It was for a program I have been wanting to be a part of since my first year in college, and now this is the last time I can apply to it. My application was solid, but I panicked during the interview. Me, super confident successful guy, panicked! If the nonsense I was saying didn’t give away my panic, my nervous tone sure did. I cannot believe it. I am now thinking of all of the better things I could have said, but now it’s too late. Tonight I’ll find out if I got in or not. I’m really sad you guys, someone come give me a hug.